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EPCOR Tower offers a long list of building amenities and conveniences. Take a look at some of the perks our tenants and guests enjoy.

Fit ‘N’ Well

The building’s tenant-only fitness facility is privately run by Fit ‘N’ Well Personal Training. Tenants can book personal training over the lunch hour and shower in the provided locker rooms.

Visit Fit ‘N’ Well’s Website

Little Scholars Child Care

Conveniently located on the tower’s second floor, Little Scholars provides tenants with a simple solution for their childcare needs. As an accredited early learning and care service, Little Scholars is dedicated to the child’s social and emotional development.

Visit Little Scholar’s Website


Simple, handmade, delicious sandwiches. MilkCrate prepares everything with high quality, local ingredients, and exceptional culinary skill. They serve their signature porchetta sandwich, along with several rotating daily features.

Visit MilkCrate’s Website

International News

International News can take care of your snacks, your daily paper, and your dry cleaning. The store is located on the first floor for your convenience.

Buco Pizzeria & Vino

A contemporary pizzeria in the true Naples tradition. Buco specializes in fresh, modern Italian entrees, grilled dishes, desserts, and Neapolitan pizza. Perfect for lunch or after-work appetizers.

Visit Buco’s Website