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The Press Gallery

Pick up and drop off dry cleaning directly from P1

The Press Gallery’s award-winning service is now available in EPCOR Tower. Drop off your dry cleaning and pick it up in just two days.

EPCOR Tower Discount Code

The Press Gallery is offering a $25 discount for first-time users of the service. Just enter the code 25EpcorTower when you’re inputting your payment information to get the discount.

How It Works

The Press Gallery has put a lot of work into making the dry cleaning process simple and hassle-free for their customers. We’re thrilled to be able to bring this service to our tenants.

The process is easy:

  1. Drop your clothes off in the Press Gallery lockers on P1
    • The Press Gallery lockers are in the hallway south of the elevators (which requires your building key card to access).
    • Lockers of different sizes are available, so choose the one that best fits your clothes.
    • Once your clothes are inside, engage the lock by turning the knob at the bottom of the keypad clockwise, so that the arrows align.
      • Once locked you’ll be unable to retrieve your clothes until they’ve been cleaned!
  2. Text your locker number to 587-818-6269
    • E.g., 212
    • Once sent, you’ll receive a text from The Press Gallery asking for your personal information and payment details.
  3. Wait two days.
    • Pick-ups and drop-offs will be done between 9 AM and 1 PM on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.
    • Missing the pick-up time means you’ll have to wait a few extra days for your clothes to be picked up and cleaned.
      • For example: if you miss the pickup time on Monday, you’ll have to wait until Wednesday for your clothes to be picked up, and until the following Friday to have them delivered.
  4. Get a text when your clothes are ready.
    • You’ll receive a text telling you to pick up your clothes once they’ve been returned.
  5. Pick up your clean clothes
    • Return to the lockers on P1 and use the last four digits of your phone number to unlock your freshly laundered threads.
  6. Enjoy all the time you just saved.
Price List

A full list of all The Press Gallery’s services and prices can be found here.

The App

The Press Gallery has an app to make using their service even easier. Visit their app page for links to download either the Android or iOS version.


If you have any additional questions about the service you can get in touch with The Press Gallery directly by calling 780-497-7377 or emailing