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The Press Gallery

Pick up and drop off dry cleaning directly from P1

The Press Gallery’s award-winning service is now available in EPCOR Tower. Drop off your dry cleaning and pick it up in just two days.

EPCOR Tower Discount

The Press Gallery is offering 25% off anything in the locker until July 15, 2023!

How It Works

Clothing Drop Off

  1. Find the Press Gallery lockers on P1
    • The Press Gallery lockers are in the hallway south of the elevators (which requires your building key card to access).
  2. Text ‘Locker’ to 587-855-5399
  3. Follow the instructions to ‘Place Your Order’
  4. Scan the barcode inside the locker, click ‘Continue’.
  5. To LOCK the locker once the clothes are inside:
    • Push ‘C’
    • Enter a 4-digit number of your choice
    • puch key icon to lock
  6. Follow any further instructions and leave the rest to us!

Clothing Pick Up

  1. A text from Press Gallery will tell you which locker to access
  2. To OPEN locker:
    • Push ‘C’ 
    • Enter the last 4 digits of your phone number
    • Push key icon
  3. Take your clothes and enjoy your day!
Price List

A full list of The Press Gallery’s services and prices can be found here.


If you have any questions about the service, you can contact The Press Gallery by calling 780-497-7377 or visiting