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EPCOR Tower was created under the principle that happy employees make business better. Built from the ground up to help tenants put life ahead of work, we’ve created a place that helps you balance your professional drive with your personal needs, giving you—and your business—a unique competitive advantage.

The new downtown

Edmonton’s downtown is changing. It’s pushing north, and we’re thrilled to be leading that charge. With Rogers Place in full swing just a block to our west, things are only going to get better. We’re on the precipice of a new wave of vitality in Edmonton’s core; a shift in the heart of our city.

Dedicated to Sustainability

Not only are we LEED Gold certified, we’re committed to sustainability. We’re always working to consume less energy, manage our natural resources responsibly, and minimize our impact on the planet. By incorporating advanced building technologies and offering large flexible floor plates, we give our tenants the opportunity to follow suit.