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Meeting Rooms

The Conference Centre at EPCOR Tower is a perfect venue for your small- to medium-sized meetings. We have four well-equipped rooms with state-of-the-art audio/visual equipment and a shared kitchen.

Mackenzie Room

Cost: $1400 / Day | Sq. ft.:1000 | Seats:34

The Mackenzie room is the crown jewel of our Conference Centre.  Whether it’s for a theatre-style setting for your big presentation, or a boardroom arrangement to negotiate your firm’s next big contract, the Mackenzie room gets the job done.

Churchill Room

Cost: $800 / Day | Sq. ft.:535 | Seats:22

The Churchill room offers over 530 square feet with no fixed furnishings, allowing you to customize the space for every meeting. Tables and chairs can be re-arranged to allow you to create the perfect setting for your presentation, team meeting, or function. The room also contains a large whiteboard for brainstorming and strategy sessions.


Nelson Room

Cost: $800 / Day | Sq. ft.:570 | Seats:16

The Nelson room is a well-equipped 570 square foot meeting space with seating for 16 around a fixed boardroom table. The room provides a wall-mounted whiteboard, a large LED flat screen, and an HD camera for video conferencing. There are also ceiling-mounted microphones to ensure everyone at the table can be heard.

Columbia Room

Cost: $300 / Day | Sq. ft.:300 | Seats:10

The Columbia room, with seating for ten around a fixed boardroom table, is perfect for smaller meetings and teams. The room benefits from plenty of natural light coming through the North facing windows and has wall-mounted whiteboards to allow you to capture your strategies and ideas.

Conference Centre Common Space

  • A lobby with soft seating where your guests can comfortably wait while you put the final touches on your presentation.
  • A kitchen with a fridge, stove, microwave, and plenty of prep room where you or your caterer can prepare breakfast or lunch while your team stays focused.
  • A coatroom to keep the clutter of jackets and scarves out of the meeting.

Not sure what you need or have more questions?