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Register for EPCOR Tower’s CarShare program, today.

With two dedicated CarShare vehicles located in our heated underground parkade, our tenants have easy access to vehicles for quick and convenient trips around the city.


Sign up for a Pogo account and start using EPCOR Tower's CarShare program, today.

Powered by Pogo

The way we move around our city is evolving, and we want to ensure our tenants have access to the full spectrum of transportation options.

Pogo powers our CarShare program. They are a local company run by Edmonton entrepreneurs.

We have two vehicles, a crossover SUV and a sedan, available in designated stalls in P1 of our parkade.

To locate the vehicles, exit the elevators on P1 and turn left toward the bicycle parkade. The CarShare vehicles will be on your right near the end.

How does the CarShare program work?

Carsharing allows everyone quick and convenient access to vehicles. The service is managed entirely from Pogo’s iOS and Android phone app.

  1. Download the app
    • Search for Pogo CarShare in Apple’s App Store or the Google Play Store.
  2. Register
  3. Open a car and drive
    • Parking is free in any City of Edmonton parking spot.

Please note, if you’re creating a new account, there will be a waiting period of three business days while Pogo verifies your information and enters you into their system.


The CarShare program requires an initial set up fee of $36.75, but it is not a subscription service. You will only pay for the time you use the vehicle.

For the time being, Pogo will waive this set-up fee if you enter the promotional code EPCOR during registration!

Review Pogo’s rate sheet for more information on pricing.

Everything is Included

By partnering with Pogo for our CarShare program, you’ll have 24/7 access to vehicles on a simple pay-as-you-go basis, and you’ll only pay for the time you use.

Gas, insurance, parking, mileage, cleaning, and maintenance are all included.

What are “dedicated” vehicles?

Unlike most of Pogo’s fleet, you’ll need to return these vehicles to their designated stalls in our parkade.

In other words, you’ll continue to be charged for your ride until the vehicle is back at EPCOR Tower.

This way we can ensure vehicles are available more often for more of our tenants.


Feel free to contact Pogo if you have any additional questions about the service.